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20 juin 2006


Philippe Coval

Le lien marche, mais c'est le moteur de blog qui faute ...

Ajoute a la fin de l url :

Microsoft's current plan for OpenGL on Windows Vista is to layer OpenGL over Direct3D in order to use OpenGL with a composited desktop to obtain the Aeroglass experience. If an OpenGL ICD is run - the desktop compositor will switch off - significantly degrading the user experience.

In practice this means for OpenGL under Aeroglass:

* OpenGL performance will be significantly reduced - perhaps as much as 50%
* OpenGL on Windows will be fixed at a vanilla version of OpenGL 1.4
* No extensions will be possible to expose future hardware innovations

It would be technically straightforward to provide an OpenGL ICD within the full Aeroglass experience without compromising the stability or the security of the operating system. Layering OpenGL over Direct3D is a policy more than a technical decision.

What can you do?

1. Write to your preferred ISV, hardware developer or OEM and tell them to bring this up with Microsoft (e.g. 3Dlabs, ATI, Intel, Matrox, NVIDIA, HP, Dell)
2. Bring this issue up on other developer and tech-related web sites. If you have a personal blog or podcast, talk about the issue there. Windows Vista might end up being a great product, but not if OpenGL is crippled
3. Post your comments to this message board (please no Microsoft bashing - Just make it clear that Windows needs to stay a great platform for the OpenGL API and offer any suggestions)

Christophe Hauser

(Le lien vers le forum OpenGL est dead)
Le jeu rocks !
Mais il utilise l'API directX 10 :(, et ça m'étonnerais que ça change.
Il va falloir 5 cartes graphiques en SLI et 4Go de RAM pour faire tourner tout ça... sous Vista ? :)

Emmanuel Douaud

Excellent ce jeu! Ca sort quand?
Je propose d'organiser une petite soirée sur toutes les machines de l'agence dès sa sortie!

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